Monday, December 13, 2010

Terrain update.

Another post so soon? Well I've been a busy boy these past evenings. Behold - the glory of the painted ruin, modelled by some Plague Marines and their ride.

I sprayed the entire model with Chaos black and drybrushed Codex Grey. The rivets/support beams were painted Boltgun Metal then washed with Ogryn Flesh for a rust effect. I dribbled some wash down the walls from the rivets to look like the rust running from the rain (not sure how apparent this is in the pictures though).

All in all I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, and I'll be giving the other ruin and the factory the same treatment soon.

Actually, the board they're sitting on is new. I went down to the local (local??? Blackpool, a good 45 minutes walk out from the city centre) hardware superstore and found some precut MDF boards 2" by 4". "Perfect", thinks I and picks up 3, meaning I can make a 4" by 4" for skirmish games (hello Malifaux) or a 6" by 4" for 40k. I also picked up a spray bottle of  'Rust-oleum Stone textured finish' black granite paint on a whim, which I would heartily recommend to anyone making a board on the fly as it single handedly textures and highlights all in one go. Bloody amazing. Comes in a load of colours too. I was so impressed I got up early this morning and went out to pick up some more.

For now I'm just focussing on getting the board and scenery play-able, then I'll come back and add grass, corpses and battle damage. Y'know, the usual stuff one finds around ruins.
To close, here's my ingredients;

  • Chaos Black Spray
  • Codex Grey
  • Boltgun Metal
  • Ogryn Flesh
  • Pre-cut MDF boards
  • Awesome-ass spray paint that does everything
photos by anna soares


  1. Now I see why you wanted me to call up and throw dice during the week: you wanted to show off your pretty toys.

    The ???? refers to Atlantic Homecare afair btw. And yes, I'm following this here blog. I figured you needed to have some gravitas added at some stage.

    I've changed the list ever so slightly so you can see what my mind's ponderings have resulted in.

  2. Well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. I haven't actually got more pretty terrain since this post since I got my ass sidetracked painting Malifaux stuff.