Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Latest from Forge World. (Mini rant)

Seriously? What, you're serious Games Workshop? Tyberos The Red Wake is the best you lads can think up? Look at his bloody hands. Damn that's ugly. I can just imagine the board meeting;
 "Guys, guys!"
"Y'know what'd be cooler than a power fist, lightning claws and chainswords...? All of them! At once! Combined!"
"... Incredible. We'll do it! It totally won't look stupid and our unwaveringly loyal customers will want to spend a mint on it for sure! This is totally the best idea we've had all week since the revival of the S-shaped monster's no-one liked. Quick - think up some bullshit reason for it."
"Uh... 'ancient relic-gauntlets'...?"
"... Wow! Someone's getting a promotion!"

And Jesus wept.