Friday, December 10, 2010

First post.

Hi everyone (that is the two people that'll read this :P). As the title would suggest, this is my first post. I'll keep it brief since I should be in bed for work tomorrow, but hey who the hell needs a good nights sleep anyway?

I'm Mergoth. You might have seen me on other peoples wargaming blogs under different names, such as Lord Mergoth, or Merl. I'm starting this up as wargaming blog to document my projects more for me as for as for anything else. When I get time I'll post pictures of toy soldiers and terrain. Maybe even a batrep... who knows. The name of my blog comes from a tub of cheap superglue I bought earlier today. On the bottle it proudly states "Contains no Chloroform". Now, I had no idea that it usually had chloroform in the ingredients, and to be honest if I had, I'd have been having WAY more fun with my glue up till today. Oh well, what can you do.

Mergoth out.

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  1. Now that explains why you guys spend so much time playing with glue!