Sunday, December 19, 2010

Army pics; Mergoths Daemons.

Hi again! Today I'm going to share some pictures of my finally complete Daemon army. So far, this army stands undefeated (touch wood) at 15 wins and a draw (kudos to Stormy for that!).


This is my take on Kairos Fateweaver. Because I was damned if my army of Daemonic killyness was going to be led into battle by a giant turkey. Based on the old Nagash model, pimped with a new staff top, a dark pegasus wing and the party hat sawed off and greenstuff skull replacement he makes sure my guys don't die (see the undead reference? Huh? Huh??),. He also dishes out fiery death to all and sundry at range. Sucks a bit at close combat, but turning Lysander into a spawn on a 5+ is LOLZ.
The Bloodthirster is my second HQ choice. His job is to stick to Fateweaver like glue then run at stuff like dreads and land raiders that the rest of the army has problems with. With Unholy Might S9 on the charge is epic win. 

A lot of people seem to dislike his sculpt, but I must say I really enjoyed painting him. The "moobs" people like to complain about are mostly hidden by the classic head, it's when you stick the donkey-thirster head on him you start to question his original gender.


This chap started life as a Khorne Chaos Marine lord, but they suck
so he's much better off as a Bloodcrusher with Fury of Khorne.
For my elite choices I always take two units of Bloodcrushers, and oh boy do they rock! With S6 on the charge and power weapons built in they mangle Marines and transports. I always take as many wargear options as I can per squad for wound allocation, rending, and laser-guided deep-striking.
Most of the crushers are a mix of Chaos Knight, Khorne Berzerker, and Bloodletter bits. As well as being a blast to kitbash, I made 5 for the price of 3 of the "official" plastic ones, they're unique, and I had parts left to make more Berzerkers and Bloodletters if I want them. Score!
As an added bonus none of them are sprawled across their mounts like the plastic crushers. Tut tut GW...

This one here's an icon bearer.

Here's one with an instrument...

...and a personal favourite of mine, a Bloodcrusher dragging the mutilated remains of a Dark Angel Marine.

Folks have asked why I don't take Fiends, as they're supposedly better, but I find these guys synergise so well with Fateweaver that I'd really miss the 3+ rerolled armour. Also, in my local playing area people use a lot of terrain, so the Fiends would not be so fast anyway. I might convert some up at some stage and try them nonetheless.


Bloodletters. One squad of 8. No upgrades. Put them on an objective and watch your enemy avoid it like the plague. Built-in power weapons and furious charge for 16pts. Bloody bargain.

I like the plastic Bloodletter kit, and they're the only models in two years I've just stuck together with no converting. Needed a break I guess.

One large unit of Plaguebearers with an icon to go in the bad wave and laser-guide the hardhitters...

...and one small unit to sit on objectives and give cover saves to Bloodletters.

My Plaguebearer models are plague monks with zombie and ghoul heads. Didn't need much cutting besides clipping the tail off and trimming. This way I got 20 for the price of 5 metal ones. Yes I am cheap. No I don't care.

My last troops choice is usually a small group of Nurglings. They're not a scoring unit, but have 3 wounds, a 5+ invulnerable save and are eternal. I like to charge enemy walkers or monstrous creatures and tie them up for 3-4 turns.

Fast attack:

Fast attack for Daemons? Haahaahaaa! Moving on...

Heavy Support:

Ever one to capitalise on eternal (Meaning no Soul Grinders for me), I like to take 3 (counts as) Tzeentch Daemon Princes with Bolt of Change and Unholy Might. S6 in close combat is a godsend against AV 13+ and vs Marines. Fluff wise they're Khorne Princes with Kai Guns. 
I built them from the Warhammer Minotaur kit with Killer Kan and Defiler bits (as well as other bits I had lying around).

So that's pretty much my standard army at the moment, occasionally I'll try something different but the core is the same. 
Comments/criticism welcome!

whoops almost forgot! pictures by anna soares (she'll hit me if I don't credit her)

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