Saturday, December 31, 2011

3 Laws of Robo... sorry, Superglue.

Today I've been mostly gluing together a squad of Horrors + Changeling for my Daemon army, and I must say they're some of my favourite GW models - though a b*tch to stick together.

Together the Horrors and I have discovered what I like to call Merlin's 3 Rules of Superglue.

Le me gluing Horror's together
Rule 1: Superglue must adhere to at least 2 surfaces it was not supposed to before adhering to the desired ones.

Rule 2: Superglue must appear set, but when unobserved shall shift ever so slightly but noticeably, before drying as hard as concrete.

Rule 3: Superglue must always attempt to bond human skin before bonding any other surface, unless doing so would conflict with either of the first 2 rules.