Saturday, July 23, 2011

Malifaux pre-orders arrived! :D

Wow, it's been a while since my last update.

Anyway, this line is tapped, so I'll be brief (stupidest line from the Matrix, if the line is bloody tapped it means someone is listening - don't arrange to meet under the bridge dumbass). I pre-ordered some shiny new Malifaux stuff last month, and it arrived bright and early (the girlfriend answered the door for it, my precious sleep was not disturbed) on Thursday. Here's what I got:

I think I'll put this chap up as a prize in the Tournament I'm planning next month.

Mr. Dead Rider is currently undercoated black and sitting on my painting station.

Snow Storm is pretty. Very much living up to the hype, Storm's body is cast in resin with metal horns. I checked for air bubbles and only found a few superficial ones on the soles of his feet and the flat areas where his arms connect. Citadel Fineass could learn something from this. Snow is entirely metal, only her hands need to be attached, they'll need pinning and possibly a small drill bit to do the job. I reckon a paperclip is the right size.

Dead Rider is entirely metal. There was very little flash, and besides the scythe arm being a bit tricky he was pretty easy to pin, about an hours work altogether (while watching an episode of Dexter). After pinning I used a tiny bit of green stuff to blend in the joins. The rocky part under the steeds right hoof is actually part of the model, so I built up a rocky outcrop out of thin cork tile.
I'll post up some pics when I'm done painting him.

images belong to wyrd miniatures