Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pretty toys.

Ok Forgeworld, you did bad in the past but after this I'll forgive you. Now that's the quality we expect from the price tag.

Wyrd posted some pics of their February releases today and once again they do not disappoint. Check out the paint job on the Lost Love! I want to do my spirits like that now.
As regards sculpt so far Nix seems to be a crowd pleaser (and I must agree) though I think the rats and Stolen ooze character.
Special mention on the release of the Malifaux rules manual. Now I can't comment on the content besides the fact that it claims to contain up to date errata'd rules for the game, so I guess that's what it'll contain, but I can say the cover looks nice. Which is the main thing.

Would ya look at that!

image copyright - Wyrd Miniatures

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  1. We know you're all about looks, dear. ;)